Golden Gate Nursery Inc.

  As summer heats up, its a great time to consider planting a tree for shade and decoration.  So stop in and pick out your new tree, we can plant it for you or you can install it yourself. 
  We have some good suggestions for the trees you already have, apply our tree and shrub fertilizer (you can fertilize trees in the spring and or summer) and the trick is to water it in slowly, adjust the hose to a trickle and water for 3-4 hours or overnight and your trees will retain their deep colored leaves, get better fall color, and set strong buds for next spring. 
  You can water your existing trees with this "trickle method" (as described above) every 2-3 weeks for the months of July-September, especially for older established plants , you will notice a big difference.
  You can get your lawn looking great too! Just fertilize your lawn again and repair any damaged lawn spots by raking up the sparse spots and reseeding. If you don't water, that's no problem the seed will come up later in the fall, when the weather is favorable. Try our Glamour seed mix, it will match sodded or seeded lawns... Never use cheap seed as it can have weed seed in it and it will never be dark blue-green in color.
 Soon will be time to plant fall mums we'll have plenty to choose from.