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Landscape suggestions;

   plants can be pruned now after flowering, which is important for flowering plants that bloom on second year wood like magnolia, azalea, rhododendrons, and lilacs. Pruning later will remove next years flower buds decreasing flowering. 

    lawns can be repaired by slit seeding or by, scraping up the dead grass to expose soil, then applying our glamour grass seed mix and starter fertilizer. Grass seed will not germinate unless it has contact with soil and consistent moisture. The cut off date to reseed is around June 15th. because after this date it is difficult for the seed to establish a root system. Depending on the weather you can wait until around September first to reseed, as the seed will germinate much easier. Weed and feeds can be applied, but water before application not after because you don't want to wash the chemical off of the foliage. Grub control can be done now as the soil is warm and the grubs are near the surface allowing good control, we have a spray or powder you can apply.

   Trees and shrubs planted in the spring should still be watered about every 10 days during July and August. Trees, shrubs and perennials planted now should be watered every day for the first 4 days, then every 3-4 days through july and august to get them established... remember what some people say about trees being transplanted "the first year they sleep, the second  year they creep and the third year they leap!"

   Want to keep your flowers in pots, baskets and beds blooming like when you bought them-all the way until frost? then use what we use...our dry fertilizer, just add a handful to your potted plants once a month, you can also use our dry fertilizer on trees, shrubs and in your garden. If you prefer a liquid feed, use our Beautiful Blooms fertilizer, use it in place of miracle grow. You mix 1 tablespoon in 1 gallon of water and water the plants or spray the foliage for instant absorption, use every 10-14 days (see our specials page).

  Rabbits are cute aren't they? (I say as I'm loading my bb gun!) just not in my yard! You can use repellents, but we recommend that you mix it up by using different repellents throughout the season, and save what you have left and use next year. You can also use  a low fence if it's not too unsightly. Planting in tall containers will also prevent damage, we carry all these... get out there and enjoy you yard!