Golden Gate Nursery Inc.

 April 2023, we will be done digging soon, as Spring has arrived!

     We get asked this question often "is this a good time to plant?"  let me give the answer in some detail.

  All trees and evergreens can be planted in the spring, most trees and evergreens can be planted in the summer and fall. We dig trees in the spring while dormant, because when we dig trees, we cut a portion of the roots, so when that tree leafs out, it puts out foliage in proportion to how many roots where cut, otherwise the plant would be overly stressed. The trees and evergreens we dig in the spring are then held in our holding yard. The trees in our holding yard can be transplanted anytime.

  Late Spring/early Summer digging can be done with many species, when the new growth has "hardened off". We dig the tree or evergreen and put it in our shade building and keep it watered, this stops any new growth and forces the plant to root, we then plant the tree in your yard or place it in our holding yard for future sale. 

  Fall digging starts around September 1 because next years buds are already "set" and the tree wont leaf out again until spring. When We fall dig deciduous trees, that tree might lose up to 40% of its foliage, but that's good because the tree has less stress with less leaves and the tree will focus on rooting while the soil is warm and moist, often rooting well into December. Fall is the best time to plant many types of trees and evergreens, especially when it's difficult for a customer to keep that plant watered, because of the distance from a water source. While it is still necessary to water the newly transplanted plant, natural rain fall will help and that plant will root in the fall and again in the following spring, and will have less water requirements in the following summer.

  In regards to planting trees that are balled in burlap, many different opinions are out there especially on the internet... saying to remove the burlap, wire basket and rope. We have seen trees die from plastic rope girdling the trunk of the tree, so we understand your concern.  We have been growing and planting machine dug trees for 40 years and our warranty will be null and void! if the burlap, wire basket or rope is removed upon planting! Roots will easily grow through our burlap and it will rot completely within 9 months below ground, the wire basket will take several years to rust away, but large openings allow roots to easily pass through, We use hemp rope only, never plastic and it will rot within 6 months.

  The wire basket helps keep the root ball together, the burlap has holes allowing the roots to pass through, but keeps the soil from falling out until the tree can root. The rope keeps the tree attached to the wire basket, keeping the tree from wobbling within the basket until the tree can root. We do recommend however that you check in 9 months to make sure the hemp rope is completely rotted away from the trunk of the tree, especially on evergreens.

  Different species have different requirements and over the years we have figured them out, so call us with any questions, and remember an old Chinese proverb "THE BEST TIME TO PLANT A TREE WAS 20 YEARS AGO, THE SECOND BEST TIME IS NOW".