Golden Gate Nursery Inc.

Landscape Suggestions: well if you planted fall bulbs they would be blooming! ...validating your efforts and planning, if not, plant them this fall. Fertilizer and weed preventer for your lawn and or landscape beds can be applied now. This was an average winter but there wasn't much snow to insulate plants from the drying winter winds, so some pruning will need to be done to remove dead twigs. Rabbits caused some damage to shrubs and now the plants can be pruned back to remove the dead branches, trimming the tops and dead branches will encourage new growth. Most Plants can  be pruned and fertilized now, perennials can be cut down to the ground, or to "green" stems... don't just pull off the dead leaves it can hurt the crown of the plant, this should be done before your perennials start to push new growth. transplanting trees and shrubs can be done now.

   Reseed your damaged lawn spots, just rake up the turf so that soil is exposed, add our glamour seed mix and starter fertilizer and your lawn will be revitalized, just keep in mind that the grass seed wont germinate until the soil warms up to about 60 degrees, but you can put it down now. Now is also a great time to aerate and power rake your lawn... we rent both. Need landscape work done? contact us for a free estimate. Now is the time to put down the first step of your lawn care program, it is the most important step because it prevents weeds and adds fertilizer making your existing lawn stronger to choke out weeds. If you are reseeding spots, then avoid those areas with the first step. We have several brands of fertilizer starting at $19.99 per 5,000 square foot.

  We are digging trees in the nursery now so come in and pick out your tree...  Trees, shrubs and perennials planted early will require less maintenance and will be under less stress during the summer months. If you have holly and other evergreens that have discolored foliage, now is the time to prune back dead foliage and fertilize with Ferti-lome evergreen food see our specials page. 

   Plants are in stock now, so visit our greenhouse for vegetables, baskets, tropicals and annual flowers...Let us custom plant your planters, we'll use new soil and plants of your choice, or let us come up with the design,  just tell us "for sun or shade" and best of all it's free... we only charge for the materials we use.