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If you started a garden this year you would be enjoying the fruits of your labor, like radishes, onions and other cold crops. You don't have to start with a big garden, try container gardening with one of our garden bags or make a 4' by 8' garden and make it bigger as you get a handle on things...   You can add our garden fertilizer in early spring or fall to the surface of your garden and let the spring rains break down the fertilizer, making it "cooler" for your plants....Gardening is rewarding and very little work if its done right... your garden needs full sun or almost full sun to be productive. Another important component of your garden is "looseness of soil" also called tilth, the roots of your plants need to be able to roam for nutrients and support (believe it or not, you could grow vegetables in clay if you could keep it loosened up enough). A garden can be a work in progress because you can add leaves and other organic matter to your soil along with old flower pot soil etc... keeping these out of a land fill.. for example we never throw out sod, soil, and leaves from our landscape jobs or greenhouse, we compost these into our garden mix we sell along with fertilizer, peat moss, cow manure and soil from our nursery...yes you will have some roots and clumps but no clay like you would get from the dirt field. Our garden mix is available as straight compost that can be used in an existing garden and should be incorporated into the soil, just put 2-4 inches on top, then rototill or "spade in". 1 yard of compost will cover 100 square feet 2" deep.

Weeds can be controlled a couple of ways, we sell a hoe called a hula hoe that easily removes young weeds by sliding the hoe back and forth along the soil surface (it's easier to remove weeds once a week than to have large weeds to pull), weed preventers and landscape fabric which you can cut slits and plant into, you can keep things organic by laying down newspapers to shade the soil surface therefore preventing weeds. If you have rabbit problems try a container garden or you can make a simple fence with pound in stakes and plastic or metal chicken wire, the fence only has to be 2 feet high, making it easy for you to step over.

Timing is also easy, most people plant the majority of their garden around mothers day but many veggies like ; cabbage, lettuce, onion sets, potatoes, peas, and others... can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked mid march! this breaks up your work load. 

onion sets and seed potatoes are in stock